Omar Torrez is playing two shows in Moscow!

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Omar Torrez is playing two shows in Moscow!

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Omar Torrez who now also plays with Tom Waits...

Hearings are true –
Omar Torrez goes to the cold capital with friendly visit
and at the same time with two concerts.

This time he will play
with tremendous Balkan guitarist Mario Butcovic
and Russian rock patriarch Aleksandr F. Skljar.

Premiere of the trans-national musical program –
borders conditional,
classics and pop,
swing and blues,
feelings and emotions for all tastes.

Two Concerts:

Omar Torrez (“Tom Waits Band”) (USA)
+ Mario Butcovic (“Kultur Shock”) (HR)
+ Aleksandr F. Skljar

Club "16 Tonn"


Club "Chinese Pilot" («Kitajskij Ljotchik»)
Lubjanskij proezd, 25 (m. "Kitaj-gorod")
tel. 623-28-96, 624-56-11 ... &Itemid=41


The virtuoso of a flamenco and latino-jazz,
live unique person,
guitarist of “Tom Waits Band”
(recently there was a new disk of the master,
recorded in cooperation with Omar),
the new friend of group “Mummies the Troll” («Мумий Тролль»),
with whom Torrez has played in American tour,
he plays a guitar as Brazilians play football.

Now also in an tandem with the founder of “Kultur Shock”
and the Russian rock patriarch!

Check out Omar Torrez's latest tunes at:

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